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Job Seekers : FAQ

About Registration

Is it possible to register with Tempstaff from overseas?
Unfortunately Tempstaff is only able to offer assistance to candidates currently living in Japan and holding a visa allowing work in Japan. However, if you are eligible to work in Japan and are planning on returning to Japan in the near future, please contact our office for further information.
Is it possible to register with Tempstaff even though I only have limited working experience?
Anyone over the age of 18 who is currently living in Japan and holds a visa allowing work in Japan is eligible to register with Tempstaff. However, your current level of skills and experience may affect the type of jobs we are able to introduce you to.
Is it possible to register with Tempstaff even though I am not able to speak Japanese?
Anyone over the age of 18 who is currently living in Japan and holds a visa allowing work in Japan is eligible to register with Tempstaff. We have a variety of positions, including those which do not require any Japanese language ability. However, many of the positions on offer do require Japanese skills and it is recommended that candidates study Japanese to improve their employment prospects in Japan.
How can I update my registration details?
If you would like to update any of your registration details at any time, please contact our office:

Contact usNEW WINDOW

What is Tempstaff's policy regarding the safe treatment of Personal Information?
Tempstaff has obtained the "Privacy Mark" (Personal Information Protection Management System No. JIS Q 15001) and is striving to always remain a truly reliable firm by protecting and managing in a proper manner all personal information obtained in accordance with relevant laws, ordinances and standards concerning the protection of personal information and all the other applicable standards. The officials, employees and other personnel of Tempstaff are all determined to make strenuous efforts for even better protection of personal information through the thorough understanding of these Personal Information Protection Policy.
For more information about Tempstaff's policy regarding the safe Treatment of Personal Information, please see: Personal Information Protection Policy
What happens after registration?
Once you have completed the online registration form, you will enter our job matching system. When a position becomes available that matches your skills and experience you will be contacted directly by one of our coordinators with more information.

Visa Issues

Is Tempstaff able to sponsor my visa renewal application?

Tempstaff is able to offer visa renewal sponsorship to full-time staff working on a long term haken contract, or during the haken period of a Temp-to-Perm contract. For part time staff we are able to provide documentation and support on visa renewal in conjunction with other employers.

Please note on introducing candidates to "shokai" (direct hire) positions, visa sponsorship is the responsibility of the hiring company

What type of visa do staff working at Tempstaff hold?

There are many different types of visa available and the appropriate visa depends on the type of job as well as your personal circumstances. However, the most common classification of working visa appropriate for jobs offered through Tempstaff is "Specialist in Humanities and International Services".

* Please note that it may be necessary to change the type of visa you hold before you are able to start work depending on the nature of job. This process usually takes aprx 1 month.

Other visas which allow work in Japan and are not dependent on current employment are:
Permanent Resident, Long Term Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Working Holiday
◇Part-time (permit required)
College Student, Dependent (28hrs/wk); Pre-College Student (4 hrs/day)

* Please note that Tempstaff is unable to employ staff holding a Temporary Visitor (Tourist) visa

Types of positions available

What type of jobs are generally available through Tempstaff?
Tempstaff specialize in office based work and have employment opportunities in a wide range of industries including: Translation, Proofreading, International sales and Marketing, IT, Human Resources etc
Does Tempstaff offer long-term as well as short-term opportunities to employees?
Tempstaff offers a wide range of employment options from short-term one-day assignments to long-term full-time and part-time positions. For more information about currently available positions, please visit our homepage: Current Job Information
When I see Temporary (Haken) positions advertised on the homepage, I often see the contract period listed as "ASAP - Long Term". What does this mean?
For positions listed as "ASAP - Long-term" we are looking for staff who are able to start work as soon as possible (usually this means that we are able to consider candidates able to start work within 2 to 4 weeks) and are able to commit to the same position for a minimum term of one year.
What does "Haken" mean?
"Haken" refers to "Dispatch" contracts whereby the worker is employed by Tempstaff and then dispatched to a client company to perform specific job duties. Haken contracts can be full-time, part-time, long-term and short-term. For more information please visit our homepage: Haken System
What does "Temp-to-Perm" mean?
"Temp-to-Perm" contracts are for companies and staff who would like to work in long-term, full-time contracts directly for the client company. Under the Temp-to-Perm System the first 6 months is spent working under the "haken" system, at the end of which time both the client company and the Temp-to-Perm staff make a decision as to whether or not to become a direct hire employee of the company. For more information about the Temp-to-Perm system, please visit our homepage: Temp-to-Perm System
What does "Shokai" mean?
For positions described as "Shokai" Tempstaff introduces candidates to jobs which match their skills and experience, and if successful, the candidate becomes a direct hire employee at the client company. For more information about "Shokai" contracts, please visit our homepage: Shokai System (Personnel Introduction)
When jobs are advertised as requiring "Business Level" Japanese, what does this mean?
Jobs which specifying "business level Japanese" require candidates to be able to function successfully in an all-Japanese office environment and may include: speaking and listening skills (attending meetings, answering telephones etc); reading skills (reading Japanese business documents and emails) and writing skills (writing simple business documents and emails). Jobs requiring business level Japanese may also require some Japanese => English translation skills. As a rough guide the minimum requirement for "Business Level" Japanese is JLPT 2 or equivalent qualification, however, depending on the position this requirement is often JLPT 1.
When jobs are advertised as requiring "Native Level" English, what does this mean?
Employers looking for "Native English Speakers" are generally looking for staff who have grown up with, and been educated in, standard English. Usually this is in order to smooth communications with overseas clients whose native language is English and generally requires an exceptional command of written as well as spoken language. For proofreading and other jobs involving editing etc, candidates should not just be native English speakers, but native English speakers with particularly high writing and grammatical skills in the target language.
How can I apply for jobs listed on the website?
Before applying to any positions listed please be sure that you have previously completed the online registration form.
After registration please click on the link "Click here to apply for this position" at the bottom of each posting. In the box, please be sure to list your full contact information as well as the relevant job numbers. Please use the "Outline Your Query" section to explain your interest in the position and any skills/ experience you feel are particularly relevant to the position.
What type of companies does Tempstaff dispatch staff to?
Tempstaff dispatches staff to a wide range of client companies. However, our client companies are mainly large Japanese companies that cover a wide range of industries in Japan.

Benefits and Working Conditions

Do employees of Tempstaff working on a "haken" contract need to enroll in the Social Insurance plan (Pension, Health and Unemployment Insurance)?
Staff employed in full-time, long term contracts (more than 30hrs/wk for more than 2 months) are required to join the full Social Insurance plan made up of Pension, Health, and Unemployment Insurance.
Staff employed in semi-full-time long-term contracts (more than 20hrs/wk for more than 2 months) are required to join the Unemployment Insurance scheme, but not required to join the Health and Pension schemes.
Staff employed in either part-time (less than 20hrs/week) or short-term (less than 2 months) contracts are not required to join the Social Insurance plan.
Are "haken" employees at Tempstaff eligible for paid vacation?
Staff employed in "haken" contracts through Tempstaff become eligible for paid vacation after the first 6 months. The number of days available depends on the total number of days worked during the first 6 month employment period.
Are "haken" employees required to work overtime?
Tempstaff offers a wide range of opportunities including those with and without required overtime. If you are concerned about possible overtime, please be sure to consult with the coordinator responsible for each position.

* Overtime carried out under Tempstaff contracts is fully paid

How is salary paid to "haken" employees?
Tempstaff pays salary directly into the nominated employee bank account on the 16th of each month.
Does Tempstaff cover travel expenses?
As a general rule, we pay for "haken" employees actual commuting expenses up to the maximum of 30,000 yen (※for daily payment, up to a daily maximum of 1,500 yen).

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