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Social Contribution Programs

Persol Group's Social Contribution Programs

Since its establishment, the PERSOL GROUP has maintained its corporate philosophy of "creating jobs," "individual growth," and "contributing to society." By creating job opportunities for persons seeking employment, we have been able to add to an individual's personal growth, thereby increasing his or her value. However, we strongly believe that the growth of the PERSOL GROUP would not have been possible just on our own. Our success is due to the support and encouragement granted to us by society.

We have long wished to express our thanks, and to contribute something in return, to the many people-our working staff-who have supported our Group since its establishment. These were the thoughts behind the launching of our social contribution programs.

We currently offer the "PERSOL GROUP Worldwide Scholarship Program," an overseas study scholarship program for working adults. For students, we provide the "PERSOL GROUP Youth International Scholarship Program". We also promote the employment of persons with disabilities. Through these and other social contribution programs, we will continue to support the growth of individuals in a wide variety of fields, and to return to society some of the encouragement and support extended to us over the years.

Persol Group Worldwide Scholarship Program

An overseas study scholarship program for persons aspiring to work on a "global" scale.

Employment Promotion Programs for Persons with Disabilities

Offering support to disabled persons who wish to work