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TEMP's Global Network

TEMP GROUP’s Overseas Service Network

We’ve witnessed a yearly increase of Japanese corporations expanding into Asia, all with different staffing needs. Ever since the establishment of TEMP STAFF Hong Kong in 1993, we’ve answered the needs of Japanese corporations expanding overseas, as well as international corporations in need of Japanese candidates. We offer a variety of solutions that arise from a multitude of situations. For example expanding service industries require staff for their new location, and companies that have already established themselves require staffing solutions that match local needs.

By interlocking shareholding with Kelly Services in 2010, we’ve strengthened our reach in northern Asia through our joint venture “TS Kelly Workforce Solutions” which launched in 2012. We support corporations by allocating English, Japanese, and local language speakers into positions ranging from assistant level to management level.

Service Area of our Business Partner

Kelly Services, Inc. our business partner, operates in over 40 different countries world-wide. It is a major American corporation ranked as 5th in the world as a staffing agency (Headquarters: Troy, Michigan).