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Facts about TEMP GROUP

No.1 Staffing Agency 6 Years in a Row *1

500 Locations Worldwide *2

More than 220,000 Job Openings *3

Chosen by More Than 6,000,000 Job Seekers *4

Support more than 1700  people to go abroad through an overseas study scholarship program *5

More than 6,500 courses to improve your ability *6

Helping More Than 43,000 People Extend Their Skills Annually *6

More than 500 Different Types of Jobs *7

We covered 100% ratio of business field *7

We produce human resource to more than 57,000 offices *7

  1. *12015 Staffing Agency Ranking by Opinion Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Temp Holdings Co., Ltd
  2. *2Number of TEMP GROUP office in April, 2016
  3. *3As of August, 2015 on 「Jobcheckit!」「DODA」「an」
  4. *4Number of members registered to TEMP GROUP in March, 2015
  5. *5The total number of people who have been to overseas through an overseas study scholarship program sponsored by TEMP GROUP
  6. *6Number of courses to improve ability and people who have took these courses in 2014
  7. *7According to TEMP STAFF investigations, 2014