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Education & Training/Career Counseling

Education & Training

PERSOL GROUP offers various services to help you implement in-house employee education and human resources development, such as training by job level, training of various types of business skills, enhancement of business and sales, improvement of customer satisfaction, organizational activation, and mental health and harassment awareness education. With a great lineup of lecturers and a diversity of programs, we can tailor the best program to help you solve the issues you face.

Main service areas

Human resource development by job level

New employees training/New employees follow-up/Independent development/Mid-level employees training/Career development/New management position training/Goal management training /Employee assessment training/etc.

Training of next-generation leaders/global human resources

Training of next-term leaders/Leadership for business reforms/Vision building/Strategy devising/Intercultural understanding/Business customs understanding by field/Intercultural management/Training of various business skills in English

Promotion of women’s active business participation

Carrier training oriented for women/Training of women leaders & candidates for managing positions/Mentor training/Training for improving the motivation of women staff/Training for improving women’s ambition to work in male manager position/Diversity-communication training through understanding of the differences between male and female brains

Improvement of business performance and customer satisfaction

Business management ability strengthening training/Solutions sales training/Customer reception and sales force improvement training/Workshop for establishing popular shops/Educational program for improving call center service quality/Monitoring & feedback/Training for call center supervisors

Business skill training

Business etiquette/Telephone response/Business letters (understanding and writing)/Communication/Presentation/Logical thinking/Issue solving/Negotiation/Facilitation/Coaching/Accounting & Finances/Ability to make arrangements/Practical secretarial work

Organization activation & risk management

Organization activation level diagnosis/Staff satisfaction survey/360˚ survey (multi-aspect evaluation)/Promotion assessment/Vision building workshop/Team building/Training for harassment measures/Mental health training/Compliance training

Example of Staffing

[Electrical Manufacturer/Personnel Department]
Implementing training course on harassment awareness for managing and general staff

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PERSOL GROUP's strengths

One-stop service to handle various issues in human resource development

When it comes to human resource development and organizational reforms, an ongoing multi-aspect approach is necessary. PERSOL GROUP provides solutions for human resource development in various areas, offering a one-stop service that understands the true nature of issues faced by companies.

Rich lineup of professional lecturers and proposal for customization

Depending on the management environment, policy for human resource development and conditions and issues of the work place, we have the program and lecturer that best suit each organization. Our diversified network of professional lecturers can customize the training program and tailor to your company's needs.

Career counseling

PERSOL GROUP provides career counseling services designed for various purposes, such as school or self-governing body employment support, or company human resource development. Career counseling that supports individual career development has become more and more important in society, within companies and at schools.

Main service areas

Counseling for employment support

Job search support for students and young people/Middle age or senior class Re-employment support/etc.

Counseling for human resource development

Career vision creation support/Management of in-house career counseling room/etc.

Career education support

Career design program for college/high school students/Career education support for primary/middle school students/etc.

Other services

Various work style support/Career counseling that include mental health support/etc.

PERSOL GROUP's strengths

As a key member of Career Counseling Association (specified nonprofit corporation), PERSOL TEMPSTAFF provides support to help train career counselors and improve counseling skills.