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Outplacement support

PERSOL GROUP offers comprehensive re-outplacement support for the optimization of staff management, such as adjustment of employment. While providing support to ensure a smooth optimization of staff allocation, we also help every employee leaving their current posts to achieve the best job change within a short time by tailoring to their requests and aptitude.


Support for smooth optimization of staff management With our expertise drawn from our proven track record in the business, we can help your company implement your tasks smoothly, such as avoiding legal issues or troubles with the union, or even prevent bad company reputation.

Alleviating the burdens on personnel management officer We can provide support to your personnel management officer or the onsite supervisor who is laden with great burdens by alleviating their physical and psychological stress.

The flow of our outplacement support service

The flow of our outplacement support service

PERSOL GROUP's strengths

The industry's top-class proven track record

Our group company, Tempstaff Drake Beam Morin Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in outplacement support service in Japan, having supported over 2,000 companies to date. With their proven track record and expertise acquired from consulting experience in the US, they can provide highly satisfactory outplacement support services to your company.

Reassuring support system & profuse recruitment information

Our exclusive career consultants are here to provide counseling and offer lectures on important information to those seeking re-employment, as well as providing profuse recruitment information by utilizing the PERSOL GROUP’s network. We pride ourselves on our highly satisfying service that ensures everyone seeking for re-employment find a new job that is best suited to their aptitude and skills, in the shortest time possible.

Example of Staffing

[Machine Manufacturer/Personnel Department]
Providing outplacement support for optimal staff allocation

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