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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for R&D/Clinical development

Outsourcing staff to handle various support tasks that occur during clinical trial.

Client CompanyPharmaceutical Company/Research Department

IssueWe need to reduce our staff.
We have been using temporary staff to handle tasks born out of our clinical trials, such as preparation of documents, filing, result data input, and creation of documents until now. However, our overseas head office has requested that we keep to their given staff quota, while many of the related tasks general tasks that do not apply under the government ordinance 26 concerning tasks, for that reason we urgently need to handle this situation.
SolutionConsolidating all support tasks and comprehensively handling the diversified tasks
PERSOL GROUP consolidated the various types of support tasks that occur with clinical trials and outsourced resident temporary staff, who were hired to comprehensively handle all the diversified task relating to clinical trials, such as the creation of IRB files or safety reports that require clinical development knowledge, registering of illness cases, filing, invoice processing, equipment management and so forth. We established a system that can respond to even larger amount of tasks by swiftly increase the number of staff.

We have received high appraisal for the system we created that comes equipped with expertise in clinical trial-related tasks and is flexible to meet demands during busy and idle periods.