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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for sales/sales promotion

Unfolding new brand nationwide—comprehensive outsourcing from recruitment all the way up to store operation

Client CompanyApparel Trading Company/Personnel Department

IssueIn accordance with the opening of new stores we need to recruit a large number of staff but it’s impossible to do manage it by our company alone.
We acquired the right to sell foreign brand products here in Japan. We will be gradually opening stores across Japan. However, as we only have a base in Tokyo, we are faced with the issue of having to recruit sales people around the country with a limited number of staff and our ability to prepare for the opening of new stores is limited. Furthermore, with the physical distance away from Tokyo, we are also anxious about whether we would be able to offer support after the stores are opened.
SolutionSales assistance to handle tasks from recruitment all the way up to store operation
Initially, the client considered introducing staff to support direct recruitment of sales people, but decided to ask them to use our sales assistance service which handles everything from the recruitment all the way up to store operation. While devising the store operation manual, we also conducted the screening and selection of store managers/leaders and sales assistants. After that, we conducted preparatory training.

After the stores were opened, a supervisor visited the stores regularly to follow up on the staff and provide guidance, while handling other tasks relating to store operation, such as responding to customer complaints.

We provide our client weekly and monthly regular reports. In addition, we also set up a consultation desk to ensure better communication and thereby leading to stable store operation.