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Implementing training course on harassment awareness for managing and general staff

Client CompanyElectrical Manufacturer/Personnel Department

IssueWe want to increase our employees’ awareness of harassment issues.
The company-wide lack of awareness of harassment issues has been a pending problem, and since certain incidents involving harassment did occur, we urgently need to increase the level of awareness inside our company. We want to create an opportunity for not just our managing staff but also all employees to improve their communication skills and increase their awareness of making a better work environment and culture.
SolutionProviding training for all employees as an opportunity for them to review their communication at work
PERSOL GROUP implemented a training course on harassment awareness for the managing staff and general staff separately. In the case of general staff, the training course was given to not only regular employees, but also contract and temporary staff. By requiring that all staff attend the training course, everyone had the opportunity to become aware of the issues as if they were directly involved, giving them a chance to think about work place communication. In addition, the questionnaire given to them as part of the training course also revealed communication and management issues within each section in the company, while some people mentioned the need for the managing staff to make continual efforts to improve the work place.