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Example of Staffing

Example of outplacement support

Providing outplacement support for optimal staff allocation

Client CompanyMachine Manufacturer/Personnel Department

IssueWe are optimizing our staff allocation to make our organization tougher against risks.
Although we have been able to keep our business in surplus, we sense an urgent need to create a strong company system as there are many risks caused by external factors, such as the appreciation of the yen. For that reason we are reviewing our personnel strategy and optimizing the assigning of our staff with organization activation as our goal.
SolutionProviding personnel consulting and outplacement support as one service package
Following our client’s personnel strategy, we provided a service package that included consulting to support their creation of a new personnel system and outplacement support. Our service of outplacement support was provided through counseling given by a career consultant for employees contemplating leaving the company and seek employment elsewhere. While clarifying their career vision from now on, we also helped eliminate their anxieties about job change. By offering both services as one package, we were able to fully support our client company in solving the 2 issues of realizing personnel strategy they had in mind and the following-up on employees seeking work elsewhere.