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Example of Staffing

Example of part-time staffing

Part-time staffing to help reduce costs during the busy month-end/start period

Client CompanyFood Company/Accounting Department

IssueOur staff is pressed with concentrated overtime work at the end and start of each month in order to handle monthly account closing.
Our entire staff has been working on account closing at the end and start of every month, but occasionally there were errors or delayed payments. We have sufficient staff for our business and only require extra hands during the month-end/start period. Even tasks requiring specifically no expert skills such as payment slip sorting tend to create adverse results as we must train the additional people who are replaced every month.
SolutionIntroducing temporary staff to work only during the 10-day month-end/start period
PERSOL GROUP introduced temporary staff opting to work under the payment condition where payment of income tax is not required and allocated them to work only during the 10-day month-end/start period. Be being able to work regularly each month over a long period, the people we introduced were able to flexibly handle given tasks even during the busy quarterly account settlement period and thus greatly alleviating the burdens on the permanent staff. There were also nearly no payment delay or errors. This also led to cost reduction due to decreased overtime work required of the permanent staff.