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PERSOL GROUP's Strengths

The largest business scale in the industry

The PERSOL GROUP network covers not only domestically within Japan, but also in many places around the world to respond to the needs in various areas.

Japan-wide network

Our service network covers every prefecture in Japan in order to speedily respond to the needs of each region of the country. With services like comprehensive Japan-wide branch support and support from regional bases and remote areas, we are able to tailor our services to corporate needs.

Human resource services overseas

We respond to the needs various countries in Asia and Western countries through our overseas group companies and associated company (Kelly Services, Inc.)

We are here to support everything you need to expand your business overseas from introducing human resources all the way to necessary paperwork related to staff employment when you establish your company.

Wide range of services

PERSOL GROUP supports the needs of diversifying corporates with a wide range of services and solid expertise.

Services to meet various needs

We provide a variety of services that are immediately ready to support you in every way possible, such as “temporary staffing” to support your business, “recruiting”/”temporary to permanent placement” of staff to meet your immediate recruitment requirements, “outsourcing” to comprehensively handle business operation, and “education/training” to help cultivate corporate human resources.
In addition, we also have a wide range of services specifically designed for business, IT, technical and other fields, as well as services to meet specific type of human resource such as part-time staff or staff with disabilities.
With the wide range of services and long years of expertise, we can provide services that best suit your needs and help you resolve any business issues you may have.

Dedication to quality

At PERSOL GROUP we have a system that can provide high quality services and reassuring support.

Superior expertise in every field

In order to provide high quality services, we have established divisions and group companies that specialize in business or are specifically contract-based. Our sales representatives with specialized knowledge are here to help you by accurately grasp your corporate needs and propose the best service accordingly.

Rich variety of human resources to meet diversified needs

In order that we can help you meet the various business requirements, we continue to secure many outstanding people through our very own recruitment sites: “jobcheckit!” , as well as advertising media. We apply our own skill checking system to grasp the skills and aptitude of our human resources to achieve a high-level matching of companies and staff.

Reassuring support system

Because we are a provider of services offering human resources and tasking relating to company activities, we value the importance of meticulous support after our staffing service is provided to you, such as through regular follow-ups to detect and resolve problems at an early stage.

Compliance system

The services provided by PERSOL GROUP are conducted under various relevant laws—we strive to create business environments that companies can feel reassured with.

Compliance to related laws

To ensure that you can always trust our services, we comply with all related laws to provide adequate services. In addition, we also believe we have an important role in eliminating risks for client companies who opt for our services. To that end, we are also making efforts to proactively provide information concerning the related laws and promote better understanding of these laws.

Adequate information protection system

We ensure that all private information is adequately managed and used at all times by obtaining the PrivacyMark, as well as implementing safety management, including the devising of various regulations/rules and technical measures. In addition, PERSOL GROUP staff and also the human resources we introduce to companies are also given regular training to thoroughly implement information protection.


PERSOL GROUP proposes ways to resolves issues as well as providing information useful to companies from the viewpoint of our client companies.

Providing solutions for issues

By standing from our client companies' viewpoint and based on our wide range of services and the expertise of all our group companies, we can propose the best solution.
As a corporate business partner, PERSOL GROUP thinks alongside client companies.

Proactively providing information

We do more than just introducing the services we provide. We also proactively provide various types of information, such as the latest industry trend or useful statistical data. In addition to that, we also actively provide information concerning related laws to help our clients feel reassured about the human resource services we provide.

Becoming the No.1 provider of external staff

At PERSOL GROUP we continue to enhance the many services we provide to meet the diversified needs of companies both in Japan and overseas.

Supporting a wide range of businesses in Japan and overseas

Since being founded in 1973, PERSOL GROUP has been focusing on services required by “company” and “people” and gradually expanded the business scope by shaping the services. Currently, we have a service network covering all prefectures of Japan, with a lineup of industry and business-specific services to meet the diversity of company needs. We have also expanded our network overseas to provide global services.
We will continue to follow the changing needs of societies and companies to provide global services as a comprehensive human resource service provider that represents Asia.