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Treatment of Personal Information


PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD. (hereinafter “our company”) aspires to contribute to society by providing opportunities and places for growth for various individuals who work and a broad-range of services that contribute to the growth of organizations. The diverse information on individuals and the organization in the keeping of our group will be used with care to provide high quality services and to achieve growth for individuals and the organization.
This page will explain how your personal information is used and for what purpose and procedures is taken by our company for the purpose of responding to your requests concerning your personal information.

Three points explained here.

Personal Information Purpose of Use
Provision of personal
information to third parties
and joint use
Receipt of Requests Relating
to Personal Information

*Provisions in Article 18, 23, and 27 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the standard of Privacy Mark we have obtained are described here.

  1. Personal Information Purpose of Use
    The personal information received by our company is used for the following purposes.
    If the purpose of use is separately specified to an individual at the time when the individual's personal information is collected, the information shall be used for such specified purpose.

    Personal customer information
    1. Information on individual clients who use each service ・Various procedures for registration
    ・Providing services requested

    Depending on the service you use, we may provide the information to a third party. For details, please read "2-1 Provision/joint use of personal information to/between third parties”.

    ・Information related to requested services.
    ・Provision of welfare benefits
    ・Analyzing service development and improvement
    ・Request for cooperation related to business activity research of our company
    Client information
    2. Information on client executives ・Guidance and provision of services provided by PERSOL Group and their related information, and hearing requests
    ・Receiving applications for various seminars
    ・Client management
    *Jointly used by PERSOL Group companies. For details, see "2-2. Joint use of information on client executives and staff."
    Other people concerned
    3. Information obtained when the company is commissioned to undertake work duties ・Fulfillment of commissioned work
    4.Information obtained by receiving inquiries, etc. ・Responses to inquiries, etc.
    5.Information on visitors to the office ・Safety management like prevention of crime
    6. Information obtained by conducting interviews for PR activities ・Publications by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF and PERSOL Group companies in PR media and other media. ・Contacting related to PR activities
    7. Information on people who responded to the company's recruitment ads ・Screening and decision on recruits

    When personal customers, clients, or other people concerned contact us or when we contact you by phone, we may record the contents of your call for the purpose of accurate recording or reconfirmation of the content or improving the quality of telephone answering
    Please refer to the following for details about information acquisition using Cookie.
    Terms of Use

    Points of Attention on Receiving Personal Information
    We will ask you to provide us with your personal information to the extent necessary for the purposes stipulated here. Excluding cases based on laws and regulations (confirmation of identity and status of residence of foreign persons and provision of my number), if our request is not met or the provided information is incomplete, we may not be able to provide services or meet requests though providing is optional. Also, we are not obliged to return personal information received directly in any media. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Provision/joint use of personal information to/between third parties
    2-1. Providing user information collected from provided services to third parties Information on users of each service may be provided to third parties to the extent necessary for providing services and respond to other requests in the following cases.
    Person who applies Destination Purposes and information for provision
    Person looking for a job Person looking for an employee The following information may be provided in writing or verbally on behalf of you in order to create your employment opportunities.
    Items of personal information provided:
    Age, gender, last educational background, work experience and duties, skills, employment status, requirement and other information necessary for job placement

    Regarding the person who wants to work as a temporary worker, only information about their ability to perform the job will be provided. Excluding cases that applicants want to be hired directly by the company we referred you, such as job placement, the information will not be provided for the purpose of identifying individuals before deciding the job.

    Temporary worker Companies where temporary workers are sent According to the request from companies where temporary workers are sent, we may provide the necessary information we received in writing or verbally on behalf of you in order to submit necessary documents or arrange goods.
    Companies related to companies written above. According to the request from companies where temporary workers are sent, we may provide contract details and work conditions etc. in writing or verbally on behalf of you for purchase management, vendor management and improving work environment.

    2-2. Joint use of information on client executives
    Information about client executives is jointly used at PERSOL Group as mentioned hereinafter in order to provide comprehensive services that make use of the expertise of each of its Group companies.

    Personal information items for joint use Name, name of affiliated organization, department name, location, position title, e-mail address, telephone number, FAX number, transaction history
    Scope of joint use Of PERSOL Group companies(see here)for the most recent list of Group companies), companies that have already issued notifications and made official announcements in accordance with Item 3, Paragraph 5, Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
    Use purpose of those sharing use of personal information To provide guidance and proposals on services offered by PERSOL Group
    Protection Officer of personal information for shared use PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
    Acquisition method Information acquired through business card exchange, collection of information widely and generally disseminated, negotiation, application for deals, etc. shall be shared by PERSOL Group companies by way of a common system.

    *Other than 2-1 and 2-2, personal information may be provided to third parties with the consent of the individual in question.

    2-3. Provision to third parties such as in accordance with laws and ordinances

    Personal information may be provided to third parties in cases which apply to each item of Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (such as cases subject to laws and ordinances).

    Also, we may outsource all or part of our business that personal information is handled. In the case of outsourcing, we will select an outsourcing contractor that has an enough system for protecting personal information and conclude a confidentiality agreement.

  3. Receipt of Requests Relating to Personal Information
    3-1. Requests relating to your own personal information
    Of personal information set forth in "1. Personal Information Purpose of Use," except for information that applies to "3. Information obtained when the company is commissioned to undertake work duties," PERSOL TEMPSTAFF accepts the following compliance requests from the said person (Requester) or the requester's proxy.
    Acceptance of requests ・Notification of purpose of use
    ・Correction, addition, or deletion of details
    ・Use suspension
    ・Suspension of provision to third parties

    【Request Procedures】
    Items Contents
    (1) Contact information Please contact the following “3-2. Complaints or consultation on the handling of personal information.”
    (2) Contact method Please contact us by phone, email, or in writing.
    (3) Method of disclosure There are three ways to disclose, orally, in writing, or by e-mail.
    (4) Confirmation that the applicant is the requester or proxy We will confirm that the applicant is the requester or proxy using a method we decided.

    If a request is made to suspend the use of or deletion of personal information, you may continue to receive information from PERSOL TEMPSTAFF for a certain period after the request is accepted and complied with. We cannot comply with a request in the following cases.
    ・If the information subject to a request does not apply to retained personal data (*) by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF.
    ・If the request may conflict with laws and ordinances.
    ・If the request may harm the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the said person or third parties.
    ・If the request may significantly obstruct the appropriate implementation of PERSOL TEMPSTAFF.

    *Retained personal data refers to personal data for which the person handling the personal information has the authority to comply with all of the aforementioned requests made by the said person, and personal data other than that set forth by government ordinance as being harmful to public good or interests due to the disclosure of its existence, or personal data that will be deleted within the next six months.

    3-2. Complaints or consultation on the handling of personal information
    If you have a complaint or seek counsel on the handling of retained personal information by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF, please contact the following.

    Click here for the inquiry form.
    Weekday 10:00~19:00 (Weekends and holidays are excluded)

    Personal Information Protection Manager
    Director and Executive Officer
    (Click here for the contact to personal information protection manager)

    The contents of this page may be changed to protect your personal information or in compliance with changes in laws, ordinances or other rules. You will be notified of any changes on the PERSOL Group Website or by e-mail, etc.