-- Matters requiring consent prior to processing --
User Agreement/Handling of Personal Information

The following gUser Agreementh is applicable at PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD. (hereinafter `PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`). After checking the details, kindly give your consent. Providing personal information is ultimately voluntary however, in cases where information is not provided, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF may be unable to provide details of job opportunities etc.

¡Matters requiring consent prior to processing

1. When commencing work, provision of a `Written Oath` and gMy Numberh (personal ID number) is required. 2. When work is performed in jobs that satisfy conditions for participation in Japan`s social insurance system, workers shall be enrolled in Japan`s social insurance system. 3. When it is deemed that the requirements do not meet PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`s standards, contact will be made in writing in accordance with prescribed procedures. 4. I am not and in future will not be associated with anti-social forces (*). * Organized criminal groups, gangsters, gangster related firms, extortionists, racketeers posing as social activists etc, or groups with a particular capacity for violence or, individuals corresponding to any of the previous points.

¡Handling of Personal Information

1. Purposes of using personal information:

Personal information held by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF is used for the following purposes and, for no other purpose.
(1) To provide details of the most suitable job opportunity/to make contact regarding jobs or, signing contracts
(2) Labour management
(3) To provide benefits
(4) Making contact when emergencies arise
(5) Confirmation of enrollments
(6) To provide services requested of PERSOL TEMPSTAFF
(7) To provide information from PERSOL TEMPSTAFF
(8) Marketing activity related to PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`s business, and requests for assistance with surveys and signatures etc
(9) Amendment and updating personal information already held
(10) Queries and contact regarding `Introduce a Friend` campaigns
(11) Aims to enhance services by: analyzing requests from everyone, for aggregating various statistical data and, analyzing results of this data.

2. Provision of Personal Information

In accordance with Japan`s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), personal information that is entrusted with PERSOL TEMPSTAFF shall not be provided to third parties without the consent of the individual themselves.

3. Matters Relating to Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

In relation to the personal information held by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF that is subject to disclosure, in cases when a request is received from the individual themselves or agent pertaining to the aim of use of personal information: notification, disclosure, correction of details, additions or deletions, halting use, complete deletion, or stopping provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as `disclosures etc`), PERSOL TEMPSTAFF shall promptly handle the request according to set procedures.
(1) Title of business entity: PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD.
(2) Personal information protection manager: Director and Executive Officer
(3) Purpose of Use of personal information subject to disclosure: Same as noted above in section 1
(4) Process of Disclosure etc for Personal Information Subject to Disclosure
EPlace where the application for disclosure etc is directed:
  Please contact the gComplaints / Consultation Point of Contacth noted below
EMethod of applying for disclosure etc:
  By phone, email or in writing etc EMethod of disclosure:
  3 ways: Spoken/verbal, in writing, by email
EMethod of validating if it is the individual or agent themselves
  A set in-house process is used to validate the identity of the individual or agent
In cases where a request is made to delete personal information, depending on the timing when the application is made, postal mail items may arrive after the deletion is completed. Understanding on this point is appreciated.

4. Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information

Handling of personal information may be outsourced in full or part to outsourcing firms that meet PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`s standards of personal information protection.

5. Obtaining Personal Information when validation of the individual cannot be achieved through simple methods:

PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`s www site uses Cookies. Cookies are used only for essential systems information when everyone opens a www page and, to validate during use that the individual viewing the page is identical. Cookies do not include information that can identify a particular individual.
¦The above functionality may not be usable in cases where a browser security set-up has disabled cookies.

6. Return of Personal Information etc

Irrespective of the media used, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF bears no obligation to return any personal information that has been directly entrusted with PERSOL TEMPSTAFF.

¡Purposes of use of handling a gMy Numberh (personal ID number)

1. Purposes of use of a gMy Numberh (personal ID number)

Based on the gAct on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedureh (gMy Number Lawh for short), individuals` ID numbers will be handled.
When commencing a job, we will ask the individual to provide their ID number and ID numbers of dependents for the following purposes:
(1) Preparation of income tax certificates
(2) Processing of employment insurance returns
(3) Processing of health insurance and pension insurance returns
(4) Processing of claims based on Japan`s Workers Compensation Insurance Act
(5) Processing regional tax returns (tax notices etc)

2. Outsourcing of gMy Numberh (personal ID number) processes:

Handling of a gMy Numberh (personal ID number) may be outsourced in full or part to outsourcing firms that meet PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`s gMy Numberh (personal ID number) handling standards. Outsourcing of handing and related process of individuals` gMy Numberh (personal ID number) may take place for the purpose of: hiring management and mailing of items and, system support/improvements etc.

3. Relationship of this Agreement to other Rules:

With the exception of cases when specifically stipulated and, when the other rules in this Agreement do not apply, handling of a gMy Numberh (personal ID number) shall be based on various rules and My Number Law pertaining to g¡Handling of a gMy Numberh (personal ID number)h.

¡ Duplication

In principle, the same company cannot hold duplicates of personal information. In cases where information is duplicated, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF will make a decision to amalgamate or, delete such information.

¡Term of Validity

Validity shall be for 7 years from either the date when the information is entrusted with PERSOL TEMPSTAFF or, the last day of a contract. Whichever is latest date shall be deemed to be the record date. If during the term of validity an expression of interest in working is made then, the term of validity may be extended. However, in cases when an individual is not hired then, information may be disposed of as appropriate based on a period stipulated by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF.


The following actions are prohibited in relation to changes of personal information during or after processing:
(1) Using processing for purposes other than employment
(2) Making false or deceptive representations about experience, work history, qualifications etc
(3) Violating the assets, reputation or privacy of third parties
(4) Passing to or, Informing third parties of: passwords, keywords or booking numbers etc
Damaging the trust in or, infringing upon the assets of PERSOL TEMPSTAFF or PERSOL Group companies

¡Suspension of Use & Deletion of Personal Information

When employment rules stipulated by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF are violated or, when for other reasons impropriety is determined by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF then, use of PERSOL TEMPSTAFF`s services will be suspended and, personal information and gMy Numberh (personal ID number)h data of the individual held by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF will be deleted. Accordingly, even when damages arise, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF shall bear absolutely no obligation for compensation.

¡Revisions to this Agreement

With the exception of legal stipulations, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF may in certain cases revise this Agreement without obtaining the consent of individuals.

¡Related Rules

Besides observing work rules stipulated by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF that apply to employment, prescribed processes will take place.

Complaints/consultations regarding personal information:

Individuals: Group Staff Consultation Office
Contact form
Hours: weekdays 10:00-18:30