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Social Contribution Programs

Persol Group Worldwide Scholarship Program

The PERSOL GROUP has to date provided job opportunities to a wide range of individuals seeking work...We deliver on its commitment to individual growth. We have enjoyed the support of many Client firms over the years and, to return this patronage at an individual level, We launched on its "PERSOL GROUP Worldwide Scholarship" program in 1991.

The Scholarship program comes from our support of business development from a "people" and "work" standpoint. Also, the program is an overseas exchange system aimed and catering for adults to foster acquisition of language and global business skills. By partnering with the International Cross-Cultural Committee (ICC), an organization with a strong record of results and know-how in overseas exchange, we have established a substantial program.

After participating in the Scholarship, skills and experiences gained in the program are often utilized around the world. Some participants find work in foreign firms and the international divisions of Japanese corporations. Others develop careers specializing in languages as translators and interpreters. Some others take up the career challenge of working overseas or with NPOs.

PERSOL GROUP, Ms. Shinohara started her business upon return to Japan after becoming aware of temping while working in Australia. Like her, gaining experience by each individual participant through the program is important as is growth in personal confidence and resilience. In these and other ways the Scholarship experience is without a doubt, seen as a big plus in each participant's life and career.

PERSOL GROUP Scholarship Secretariat