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Policies for Protection of Personal Information

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As a leading company active in the comprehensive personnel service industry, it is our pursuit to realize a management that is devoted to the Creation of Employment, Development of Personnel and Contribution to the Society, as the Corporate Philosophy advocates. For this goal, we have always been endeavoring to improve the security of data, considered as a measure of business quality, by extolling "Protection, Utilization and Management of Information" in the Company's business ideas.
This Company is striving to always remain a truly reliable firm by protecting and managing in a proper manner all personal information obtained in accordance with the requirement in the Personal Information Protection Management System No. JIS Q 15001; relevant laws, ordinances and standards concerning the protection of personal information and all the other applicable standards. The officials, employees and other personnel of this Company are all determined to make strenuous efforts for even better protection of personal information through the thorough understanding of these Policies for Protection of Personal Information.

  1. Acquisition, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
    The Company will acquire personal information in a lawful and fair manner and only after specifying and clarifying purposes of the use thereof within the scope required for the achievement of the Company business objectives, and obtaining the consent of the person concerned. The Company will use and/or disclose acquired personal information only for the purpose of use that has been specified in advance and will not handle it beyond the specified purpose of use. It will furthermore carry out periodical investigation to prevent any improper handling including any out-of-the-purpose use.
  2. Compliance with Laws, Ordinances and other Standards Related to Personal Information
    The Company will comply with all of the laws and ordinances, guidelines and other standards set forth by the national government that are related to the protection of personal information, and will protect and manage personal information in a proper manner pursuant to the requirements set forth in the Personal Information Protection Management System No. JIS Q 15001.
  3. Prevention of Risks of Personal Information and Safety Measures
    The Company will take reasonable safety measures for the prevention of possible unauthorized access to, loss, destruction, falsification and/or divulgence of personal information. The Company will also carry out periodical reviews of such safety measures and effect improvements as required.
  4. Complaints and Inquiries
    The Company establishes contact offices dedicated to the handling of complaints, consultation, and inquiries concerning personal information for swift settlement.
  5. Continues Improvement for Personal Information Protection Management System
    Based on the Personal Information Protection Management system, the Company will effectively operate the Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) cycle for secure protection of the personal information in hand for continuous improvement of the management system for its protection.

Established: April 1, 2001
Revised: June 21, 2013
Takao Wada, President and Representative Director

Contact Offices for Complaints or Inquiries concerning Personal Information

  • •For Individuals(Tel: 0120-102-898)
    For inquiry for, click hereNEW WINDOW
    Office hours:Weekday10:00~19:00
  • For companies: Customer Relations Office
    Tel: 0120-779-102
    Office hours: Weekday10:00~19:00
    Personal information protection manager: Director and Executive Officer

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