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Handling of Personal Information

  1. Purpose of Using Personal Information
    This Company may use personal information obtained from outside only for the purposes listed below. The Company requests our business partners to submit their personal information but only on a voluntary basis. Without the submission, however, some of them may be unable to use part or all of the services or information to be provided by the Company.
    1. Introduction of possible job positions that may suitably fit temporary employees or communication concerning such jobs in the course of performance of business activities―temporary staff dispatch or support for job hopping
    2. Communication required for proper employment management or when an emergency occurs (*)
      (*) An emergency includes one which is likely to threaten the life, health and/or property of the information provider, or in which the information provider cannot be reached at the reported contact address and the Company considers it inevitably necessary to refer to personal information. In any of such cases, the Company may try to reach the information provider at the emergency contact address submitted and provide the reason for referring to the personal information, as required.
    3. Provision of various services (e.g. issue of certification, provision of welfare service, dispatch of a gift) which our business partner requests the Company to undertake
    4. Provision of information (e.g. communication concerning various business services, campaigns, and seminars; responses to inquiries or suggestions to the Company)
    5. Marketing activities and surveys (e.g. request for cooperation in a questionnaire-type survey designed for identifying the needs and requests of temporary employees in order to provide more efficient dispatching of temporary staff), closely related to the business objectives of the Company―temporary staff dispatch and remunerated introduction of employment
  2. Provision of Personal Information
    The Company will not disclose personal information acquired from outside to any third party without consent of the information provider, except in any of the following cases when disclosure is inevitably necessary:
    1. When the Company specifies or notifies the information provider what part of personal information may be required to be disclosed and acquires the person’s consent thereof
    2. When the situation is likely to damage the life, health and/or property of the information provider and/or the general public
    3. When disclosure is required by law and/or ordinance
    4. When disclosure is absolutely necessary for the improvement of the public hygiene or promotion of sound development of children, but it is difficult or impossible to obtain the consent of the information provider.
    5. When the Company business is taken over as a result of a merger, a company split, business assignment or any other related situation
    6. When the Company cooperates with a national governmental office/body, a local government and/or any other body/bodies commissioned by any of these in its performance of duties provided for under a law or ordinance, and when the procedure to obtain the consent of the information provider is likely to hinder such performance of duties.
    7. When the Company discloses information concerning an official(s) and/or a shareholder(s) of a legal entity or any other group that is contained in information concerning a legal entity or any other group, and such information has already been disclosed or made public based on a law or ordinance or directly by the party concerned, the legal entity or the group, and when the information provider has been notified or is in a situation to easily know that such personal information could be disclosed to a third party, what parts of information are to be disclosed in what measures or method, and that such disclosure of personal information will be stopped in response to the request of the information provider.
    8. When the Company commissions the handling of part or all of the personal information to a third party within the limitation required for specific purposes.
      In addition to the above, the Company may disclose personal information to relevant third parties or bodies/institutions when the company to which the temporary employee is sent to engage in a job, or any related personnel of such company, this Company, the corporate group of this Company and/or any other third party has/have sustained damages or is/are likely to sustain damages.
  3. Rights of Information Provider
    Upon receipt of a request from the information provider for notification of the purpose of using personal information; for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion and/or cancellation of all or part of information; or to cease provision of personal information to a third party (hereinafter “Disclosure, etc.”), the Company will swiftly respond to such request following the procedure set forth by the Company. However, the personal information concerned will not be subject to the Disclosure, etc., if the clarification of the existence of such personal information may:
    1. harm the life, health, properties, rights and/or other benefits of the information provider and/or a third party;
    2. encourage or trigger any illegal or unfair act;
    3. hinder the prevention, suppression or investigation of a crime and/or the public safety or order;
    4. endanger national security, hinder the peaceful relationship of Japan with other country/countries and/or international organization(s), or make negotiation with other country/countries and/or international organization(s) difficult for Japan, through revealing that such personal information exists, or
    5. affect the good relationship with third parties thus greatly hindering proper performance of business activities of the Company, through revealing that such personal information exists.
      E.G.) Assessment of the temporary employee made by this Company, the company to which the employee is sent or a company that is seeking service of temporary staff
      • Please place your request for Disclosures, etc. with:
        Any office of this Company or the below Contact for the Complaints or Inquiries
      • Means of placing a request for Disclosures, etc.
        Telephone, e-mail, in writing, or any other appropriate means
      • Confirmation method of the identity of the applicant or his/her proxy
        The Company will confirm the authenticity of the person who places the request or his/her proxy following the relevant procedure set forth by the Company.
  4. Commissioning of Handling of Personal Information
    For employment management, mail dispatch, system maintenance and/or alteration, the Company may commission the handling of personal information to a party that fulfills the requirements the Company sets forth for protection of personal information. This Company will use the personal information obtained in relation to a business that this Company has acquired only for the purpose of performing such business.
  5. Avoidance of Clarification of Applicant Authenticity in Acquiring Personal Information
    The Cookies system is used for the websites of the Company. The information exchanged for this system is used only for confirming the computer system used for visiting the websites or authentication of the site visitor. No information leading to the identification of the visiting individual is included.
    * If the use of Cookies is inhibited in the user’s browser security system, the related websites of the Company cannot be used.
  6. Return of Personal Information, etc.
    The Company has no obligation to return personal information submitted regardless of the media used.
  7. Contact Offices for Complaints or Inquiries
    • •For individuals(Tel: 0120-102-898)
      Office hours:Weekday10:00~19:00
    • For companies: Customer Relations Office (Tel: 0120-779-102) Office hour10:00~19:00
    • Personal information protection manager: Director and Executive Officer

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