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We currently face a number of challenges confronting the labor market under the influence of the shortage of workforce, a change in the Japanese Labor related laws, and technology development. These labor market trends affect job seekers as they have more diversified employment expectations and ideal lifestyles. Diverse people require diverse work styles.
Given this, organizations will have to expand their hiring process as well as the work style choices they offer in order to improve the productivity. A flexible labor market is required to appropriately address the demands of job seekers, and a variety of work style choices are offered today.

Since its establishment, the PERSOL GROUP has set the corporate philosophy as “Job creation, Individual growth, and Contributing to Society”. The PERSOL GROUP’s aim is to contribute to the society through the creation of new job opportunity that adapt to the changing society.

The working environment will obviously continue to change. No matter how society changes, the fact remains that people grow through work. The growth of individual will stimulate the organization, and will boost the economy as well.

We believe that our mission is to support and generate growth in people and organizations.
The PERSOL GROUP strives to provide the wide range of services in order to creating an opportunity for people to grow and producing solutions to allow companies to grow. With our corporate vision of “Create social infrastructure for people and organization that catalyze growth and innovation”, we aim to continue to be a company that is indispensable to society.

Kazunari Kimura, President and Representative Director

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Providing jobseekers with opportunities to find more satisfying jobs in Japan that best utilize their experience, skills, and mother tongue.(For Job seekers)

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