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Social Contribution Programs

Social Contribution Activities & Support of Work Opportunities for the Physically Challenged…

One of the social contribution activities PERSOL Group is putting its energies into is the promotion of work opportunities for the physically challenged. In 1991 PERSOL TEMPSTAFF launched a subsidiary: PERSOL THANKS CO., LTD. to support a workplace conducive to physically challenged workers. Within the PERSOL GROUP, as a way to express our gratitude to all, we refer to the subsidiary company for the physically challenged simply as "PERSOL THANKS".

In 2006, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF launched a Physically Challenged Employment-Promotion Centre within PERSOL TEMPSTAFF to foster wider utilization of physically challenged workers. We aim to create a work environment where physically challenged workers can participate in confidence while being sensitive to: work-experience, abilities, job-fit, aspirations etc.

Importantly, in Oct 2006, we established PERSOL CHALLENGE CO., LTD. to provide fee-based placement and employment services for the physically challenged. PERSOL CHALLENGE extends career change and work support options for the physically challenged. If the will to work is expressed by candidates, we aim to provide opportunities equally as everyone should have the right to experience the joy of work. We believe if physically challenged individuals have a conducive workplace and appropriate role they will work with elan. We see supporting such opportunities as a mission and contribution to society.

Outline of PERSOL THANKS activities…

Clerical of outsourcing, name card printing, hand-written calligraphy

  • Data handling from entry to aggregation.
  • Name card preparation for individuals & organizations
  • Hand-written calligraphy service for preparation of award certificates and hand-addressed envelopes etc.

Supply Centre

  • Direct mail-outs & pamphlets: packing, shipping, production & control

Personal Computer Training Facility

  • Personal computer training facility for transfer of basic to mid-level skills aimed at the physically challenged and mature aged students.
  • Relaxed pace lessons utilize: voice/ word recognition and web page reader software.

Yokohama Dream Factory

  • The "Yokohama Dream Factory" is a PERSOL TEMPSTAFF/ Yokohama City jointly run initiative to produce cookies.

Work From Home

  • For physically challenged workers who find it difficult to commute, work such as: data collection and aggregation can be done at home.
    * Certified "Tokyo Metro Government Physically Challenged Occupational Support Activity"

Physically Challenged Employment-Promotion Centre

In the PERSOL GROUP there are sales roles where companies are visited to ascertain HR needs and for coordinator roles to facilitate the matching of job information and temps.



  • For individuals considering ways to enhance their careers or looking for new challenges PERSOL CHALLENGE can assist.
  • PERSOL CHALLENGE can safely introduce physically challenged candidates to companies looking for individuals with a desire to broaden their work horizons even if physically challenged.

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