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The Power of TEMP

TEMP STAFF has expanded in the service field by answering the ever-changing needs of companies, as well as the needs of individual workers.Let us introduce you to The Power of TEMP,our various involvements in your everyday life.

The Power of TEMP at Day-care Centers:Providing staff solutions, management outsourcing services, as well as operating 9 day-care centers We at TEMP STAFF support working mothers by providing day-care centers in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa. We also offer management outsourcing solutions to after-school care clubs and local childcare facilities. We contribute to the local community by offering specialized childcare for each and every child.

The Power of TEMP at Call Centers:Providing staffing solutions for high-quality services, such as 24/7 support We support the operation of reliable call centers by matching desirable candidates based on knowledge, experience, skills and work hours.

The Power of TEMP at Financial Institutions:For opening new accounts, investment consulting, customer service and insurance sales We perform a variety of services at financial institutions, ranging from insurance product consultations to bank teller duties. Our specialists work night and day in order to better your financial plans.

The Power of TEMP at Manufacturers:Engineers and architects of cars, smart devices and corporate systems We place a large number of staff who make positive impacts in the field of manufacturing, be it designing cars or creating, maintaining and operating corporate systems, websites, and applications for smart devices.

The Power of TEMP at Hospitals:Nurses, hygienists, dentists and medical office workers Many staff members are placed in the medical field, who not only perform their regular duties but also improve various aspects of your health by offering services such as medical examinations, outsourcing operations and health guidance.

The Power of TEMP at Schools:From test center operation to school administration, foreign exchange support and overseas education experiences Supporting various facets of education, including university administration, test center operation, entrance exam operation, overseas work experience and foreign exchange for children and adults.

The Power of TEMP at Department Stores:From tellers at individual food/fashion stores to the outsourcing of entire floor operations Our specialists will accommodate customer needs with a wealth of knowledge and excellent communication skills.