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Staff introduction/Temporary to permanent placement

As a service provider to help companies’ recruiting of human resources, PERSOL GROUP introduces human resources and provide temporary to permanent placement.

Staff introduction:
This is a service where PERSOL GROUP introduces the right human resources to client companies who meet the client companies’ recruitment requirements. As no fees are incurred until the actual employment is determined, we can help you reduce the risks of recruiting that include wasting money on job advertising.

Temporary to Permanent placement:
Temporary to permanent placement is a service with the precondition of direct employment for a particular period (maximum 6 months), after which a full employment contract may be signed if both the company and dispatched staff come to an agreement. This allows for the observation of the staff’s abilities and aptitude during the initial placement period, thereby prevent mismatching when it comes to employing the required human resources.

* Temporary to permanent placement differs from temporary staff placement in that you can choose to interview and screen the candidates prior to the placement if you wish.


Efficient, highly accurate recruitment and employment Interviews and screenings are conducted by narrowing human resources based on the given job requirements to ensure more efficient and highly accurate recruitment and employment.

With temporary to permanent placement you will be able to check the abilities and aptitude of the placed staff by observing their actual work during the placement period.

Clarifying of recruitment costs through our contingent fee system You will not waste any money on any cost as no fees are incurred until you have determined to employ the introduced staff, making the recruitment cost per person clear.

* When using this service, the introduction fee upon your decision to employ the staff and the placement fees for the actual work done during the placement period will be payable.

Closed recruitment You can conduct closed recruitment for new business without having to place advertisements or make other efforts to recruit.

Common situations where our services can help

Recruitment of executive officers, such as managers

Recruitment of people with experience in specific industries

Recruitment of people for highly-specialized positions

PERSOL GROUP's strengths

The largest business scale and great response capability in the industry

Nation-wide network
We can respond to recruitment needs anywhere in Japan. Thanks to our ability to respond to requests for comprehensive recruitment covering multiple locations, we can reduce the burdens on personnel management officers handling recruitment in remote areas.
Responding to diversified human resource needs
We can respond to a wide range of human resource needs, from management jobs or specialized jobs to the recruitment of new/recent graduates or even people with disabilities.

Service system that ensures quality

Support from specialist consultants
Our specialist consultants make efforts to understand your company’s management policies and culture in order to grasp your requests and the issues you face. In addition, they will propose the best recruitment method and conditions, while narrowing the list of candidates for you.
Complete support for recruitment tasks
We propose the best recruitment method to respond to your recruitment needs and the type of workforce required. We also provide complete support covering all recruitment tasks, such as adjustment of recruitment conditions and pre-employment follow-up.

Providing services based on compliance

PERSOL GROUP provides services based on compliance. We are also making efforts to provide information on related laws and regulations, so that you can rest assured with our services.

Example of Staffing

[Apparel Trading Company/Personnel Department]
Employment of store manager through recruitment introduction for a local city branch

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[Insurance Company/Contracts Department]
Temporary to permanent employment for position requiring capacity to perform and work-place aptitude

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Example of how our services can also be used

For temporary to permanent placement for business management positions whereby the aptitude of staff is hard to ascertain.

For temporary to permanent placement for office positions in offices nationwide.

Introducing candidate for the recruitment of project manager required for new development of mobile phone contents.

Introducing candidate with actual accounting experience to fill position required for the company’s preparation to adopt international accounting standards.

Our services for these job categories:


Personnel, general affairs, business operation/Financial tasks/Finances, accounting/English-related clerical job/Secretarial work/Trading/Interpreting, translation/Reception/Telemarketing/Business, sales/IT technician/R&D/Nursery teacher/etc.

Specific type of human resource

Manager/Specialist/New graduate/Staff with disabilities/etc.

Using our services