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Overseas employment

TEMP GROUP provides overseas recruitment and employment support through collaboration with our group companies overseas and associated company Kelly Services. We support overseas business development of companies, such as recruitment in Japan and overseas, and consultation concerning related employment procedures upon the establishment of a local company. Our local resident representatives provide full support in Japanese, from the handling of recruitment to the providing of information.

TEMP GROUP's global network

  • PLTemporary staff placement
  • INIntroducing of human resources
  • LALabor consulting
  • OSOutsourcing
TS Consulting International, Inc.

Introduction of human resources, executive search

TSCI departmentNEW WINDOW: Specializing in electronics, energy and automobile industries.

TS2 departmentNEW WINDOW: Specializing in video game, entertainment, toy industries.

Region covered: USA Service: IN
Tempstaff (Hong Kong) LimitedNEW WINDOW

Providing human resources introduction services in collaboration with Tempstaff Guangzhou over a wide region, covering all the way to the Huanan district in mainland China. Also handles temporary staff placement and labor consulting.

Region covered: Hong Kong Services:PLINLA
Tempstaff Korea Co., Ltd.NEW WINDOW

Introduction and placement of human resources proficient in the Japanese language. Also offers outsourcing services.

Region covered: Seoul, South Korea Services:PLINOS
Tempstaff Shanghai Co., Ltd.NEW WINDOW

The special labor consulting team provides a wide range of services including labor consulting and outsourcing of labor manpower. Also handles various procedures required upon company establishment.

Region covered: Shanghai, China Service:INLAOS
Tempstaff (Singapore) Pte., Ltd.NEW WINDOW

Introduction of Japanese people or people proficient in Japanese who can work locally, placement of interpreting/translation staff, and provision of company-oriented training services.

Region covered: Singapore Service:PLIN
Tempstaff Taiwan Co., Ltd.NEW WINDOW

Introduction of human resources proficient in Japanese, temporary staff placement, placement of temporary to permanent position staff. Has strength in the introduction of people who have experience studying in Japan.

Region covered: Taiwan Service:PLIN
Tempstaff (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.NEW WINDOW

Introduction of human resources in the Huanan district centering around Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as providing labor counseling.

Region covered: Guangzhou Province, China Service:INLA
PT. Tempstaff Indonesia

Introduction of human resources proficient in Japanese, outsourcing of interpreting/translation work, and provision of labor consulting. Also acts as proxy to handle various procedures required upon company establishment.

Region covered: Jakarta, Indonesia Service:INLAOS

Associated company: Kelly Services, Inc.
Kelly Services, Inc. is a major US human resources service provider and the 5th largest in the world (head office: Troy, Michigan). The company provides services in 40 countries around the world, including the USA and Europe.