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e-staffing: comprehensive temporary staffing management system

e-staffing is an Internet-based management system developed for the purpose of making the process involving temporary staffing—such as accepting requests and managing of contracts and payments—more efficient.


Reducing temporary staffing management efforts and costs All temporary staff request management, contracts, organization of necessary paperwork and so forth can now be accessed online. In addition to this, we can also manage the information of several temporary staffing companies all at once, thus reducing efforts and costs.

Thorough staffing request rules e-staffing can preset the staffing request rules in the form of an agreement flow, which will allow thorough operation of the request rules.

Paperless electronic forms e-staffing makes it easy to save all sorts of forms necessary for staffing electronically, such as forms that are legally required to be saved.

Our concept

De facto standard (standardizing the temporary staffing industry)

e-staffing was jointly developed by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF CO., LTD. Pasona Inc., and RECRUIT STAFFING CO.,LTD. as an aim to set the industry’s standard. We stand from our client companies’ viewpoint to standardize the various job processes and formats for each of our clients.

Valuing compliance

You can rest assured with our services, as they are designed based on related labor laws, such as the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Improved Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers (Worker Dispatching Act).

No system adoption cost and usage fee

You will not be charged any system usage fee upon the adoption of e-staffing. As long as you have Internet access, there is basically no system adoption cost involved.

Thorough security measures

Every client company using e-staffing will be issued with their own company ID, and a user ID and password per user. In order to prevent data from being stolen or edited, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to send and receive data, as well as limiting access through IP address settings.

Functionalities & Features

Functionalities & Features

Request for human resource inquiry

  • e-staffing makes it possible to inquire multiple staffing companies about human resources and make requests comprehensively over the Internet.
  • In-house approval procedures are possible online, reducing the time required from application to approval.

Contract administration

  • e-staffing makes it possible to see in real time the process all the way up to contracting (including in-house approval, staffing request, inquiries report, contract).
  • Dealings with multiple staffing companies can be comprehensively managed under one single system.

Attendance administration

  • Attendance administration formats from various staffing companies are unified.
  • Attendance data management and approval can be done over the Internet.

Invoice administration

  • Cost management can be done per department/division and per staffing company.
  • Invoiced amounts from several staffing companies can be managed centrally.

System development and operation

This is a company co-founded by PERSOL TEMPSTAFF, Pasona, and RECRUIT STAFFING.