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Example of Staffing

Example of foreign staff recruitment

Employment of staff to handle local coordination as part of the strengthening of localized company in India

Client CompanyAuto Parts Manufacturer/Personnel Department

IssueWe want to employ someone from India to handle business tasks.
In order to respond to the expanding demands in India, we have decided to strengthen our localized company in India. As we also require someone at the Japan head office to coordinate with the localized company in India, as well as negotiating with customers and suppliers there, we are looking for someone from India who is familiar with the local situation in India.
SolutionUsing our foreign staff introduction service
Our client company used our foreign staff introduction service to resolve the issue. In order to meet the request of finding positive people for both India and Japan offices, we introduced someone from India with 5 years of work experience at a Japanese company. Our client was extremely satisfied with the Indian staff we introduced for meeting most of the requirements.