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Example of Staffing

Example of recruitment of new graduates and recent graduates

Recruitment of 100 new graduates and applying client’s business trainee system

Client CompanyFinancial Firm/Personnel Department

IssueWe want to recruit a large number of new graduates but also keeping advertising costs and interview burdens to a minimum
Acting business assistant, we need to recruit 100 new graduates from Tokyo and 3 other prefectures. This will be the largest number of new graduate recruitment we have yet handled and we want to keep recruitment advertisement fees and interview burdens to a minimum. Also, as there is a limited number of people in charge of the recruitment, it is difficult for us to follow up on unofficially accepted candidates while we conduct the recruitment.
SolutionFrom planning of recruitment schedule all the way to follow-up on unofficially accepted candidates.
PERSOL GROUP recruited and selected new graduates and recent graduates, while conducting training using the business trainee system introduced by the client. By considering the availability of personnel staff in charge of the final employment, we set the recruiting period to 6 months, longer than usual. We also conducted our client company’s explanation sessions right here at PERSOL GROUP and provided explanations according to their recruitment standard. In addition, we also followed up on successful unofficial candidates by conducting various trainings including computer skills, business etiquette, and information protection