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Example of Staffing

Example of temporary to permanent placement for office work

Temporary to permanent employment for position requiring capacity to perform and work-place aptitude

Client CompanyInsurance Company/Contracts Department

IssueThe person we employed after making great efforts to recruit didn’t stay long.
Someone we employed after application selection and interviews quit within less than 2 months. It appears that the person, who was assigned to work with several other employees, did not fit in with our company and the working environment. All the efforts we put in for the recruitment and all the money spent on advertising the position all went to waste.
SolutionUtilizing our temporary to permanent staffing service for final employment with satisfaction from both sides
PERSOL GROUP introduced a candidate under the temporary to permanent employment system. We ensured that the person was able to submit a CV and receive an interview, as well as double-checking that the person possessed skills and aptitude to implement actual tasks required during the initial placement period. The candidate was also able to actually carry out the required tasks during the period, as well as confirming the company culture and get to know about the co-workers. Upon mutual satisfaction, the candidate was then employed as a permanent staff and has since continued to work steadily. Furthermore, the only cost incurred other than the placement fee during the period the candidate was dispatched was the commission fee charged upon the permanent employment of the candidate, so no money was wasted on extra costs such as recruitment advertising were necessary.