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Example of Staffing

Example of outsourcing of nursing staff

Establishing a childcare facility for staff and comprehensive support covering everything from planning to administrating

Client CompanyUniversity Hospital/Personnel Department

IssueWe are establishing a childcare facility inside the hospital as part of our support for our female staff returning to work.
As part of our policy to support female doctors and nurses returning to their posts after having given birth, we have decided to establish a childcare facility inside the hospital. Since we have no expertise on running such facility, can we consign you to do all the outsourcing?
SolutionFull support in planning, establishing, and operating of the facility
We began by first conducting consultation with our client about what type of childcare center they had in mind, and then determined the size and hours of the facility. We also handled everything required for the establishment of the facility, such as procuring equipment and items, creating a curriculum, and recruiting nursery teachers.