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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for telemarketing work

Visualization of call-center task and service level to realize quality improvement

Client CompanyCredit Card Company/Customer Support Department

IssueWe want to improve the quality of responses to our customers and minimize the number of complaints.
We outsource resident temporary staff introduced from PERSOL GROUP’s staff members for responding to calls from holders of our credit card and member stores. The content of calls varies from problems paying with the credit card, to confirmation of remaining amount useable on the card, to requests to raise the credit limit, etc. Depending on the type of call, many require speedy response and as all calls are about money it often leads to complaints. For this reason the improvement of our call center service is a serious issue.
SolutionEstablishing a clear service level and implementing regular quality check
As a plan for improving the service level, the first thing PERSOL GROUP did was the visualization of the present service level. Every item that can be numerically recorded (such as the call response rate, question answering rate, and the time required to answer each call) was given target values for comparison. In regard to the quality of call response, we also provided evaluations on finely divided categories such as language usage, empathy, understanding, ability to propose solutions, operation of devices, and other aspects by using a checklist and through monitoring of the staff. After that, the overall team target was shared by all team members, while each operator was given feedback individually.

Through regular check of current conditions and feedback, as well as repeated guidance, the individual level of each operator improved. In addition, by sharing the target with all members, the overall team motivation was improved, which created an environment where members can now actively raise issues, propose improvement ideas and so forth. The overall service level was also greatly improved and our client has given us high appraisal.