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Example of Staffing

Example of temporary staffing for R&D/Clinical development

Securing temporary staff immediately ready to work to replace research staff on childcare leave

Client CompanyPharmaceutical Company/Research Division

IssueWe are looking for people with actual experience in measuring and analyzing.
Our research staff at our research laboratory will be on childcare leave, during which period we would like to employ a temporary replacement. The temporary staff must have actual experience using analytical equipment such as HPLC and GC.
SolutionIntroducing staff with required skills for the required period
PERSOL GROUP introduced someone with a university degree in Applied Chemistry who has experience with quantitative analysis while working at the quality control division of a pesticide manufacturer. In addition to having experience using HPLC, the person was also familiar with LC/MS during college years, and was actively ready to take on the temporary position immediately, despite being employed to fill in for the designated period only.