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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for reception work

Outsourcing for General reception staff and making stabilized, high-quality operation possible

Client CompanyForeign Securities Company/General Affairs Department

IssueWe are worried that by outsourcing we may not be able to maintain the level of quality.
Our general reception desk is run by 2 permanent employees and 4 temporary staff members. Due to the approximately 80 visitors per day and the many visits by foreigners or phone calls from overseas that are handled through the general reception desk, the reception staff acts as the ‘face’ of our company and is thus required to have communication skills and be highly proficient in other languages. Under a temporary staff-centered system meant there were sudden absences or staff replacements, rendering the operation thus unstable. Consequently, we decided to consider outsourcing. However, we are concerned whether shifting to outsourcing will guarantee the level of quality we need to maintain.
SolutionAchieving stabilized quality control through numerical record of service level
We set a clear standard in terms of the required aspects (goal, recruitment criteria, action definition, etc.) in order to maintain the required quality when it comes to switching to outsourcing staff. In addition, we also established a system to evaluate whether the set standard is been met every month with our client company.

The operation system comprised a staff of 2 receptionists, 1 telephone representative, 2 assistants to VIPs, and requiring all members to have achieved a TOEIC score of over 850 points. Furthermore, we also allocated standby staff with the same level of skills to respond to sudden staff absence. The service level is numerically recorded and confirmed monthly to help improve the awareness of the operation staff involved. This also links to the discovery of new aspects that need improving.

We continue to receive positive evaluations from our client for the ongoing system of quality improvement we offer.