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Example of Staffing

Example of temporary staffing for interpreting/translation

Temporary staff to help with interpreting/translation work required for system integration with US head office

Client CompanyForeign Electronics Device Manufacturer/Systems Division

IssueWe need someone with knowledge in specialized terminologies.
It has been decided that our company core system will be integrated with that of our US head office. During the preparation for the consolidation we need to contact the Systems Division at our US head office through video conferencing and provide information through documents. We do have employees who can handle interpreting and translation tasks, but they are not proficient in systems-related terminologies.
SolutionIntroducing temporary staff with SE background
PERSOL GROUP introduced someone with an SE background and 2 years of experience in interpreting to handle the required interpreting and translation tasks in the 1.5-year period between the preparation to the testing after the completion of the consolidation. The person we introduced was proficient in basic knowledge of specialized terminologies and system, ensuring that there were no errors in information given during all interpreting and translations, and thus contributed to the immense project of consolidating core company systems.