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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for office work

Consolidating general tasks and outsourcing staff, while promoting the standardization and efficiency of tasks.

Client CompanyPharmaceutical Company/General Affairs Department

IssueAfter the review of departmental budgets we are required to reduce staff.
Until now our company had allocated temporary staff in every department to handle general tasks, there was a review of departmental budgets and the number of staff had to be reduced. However, asking our permanent staff to take over the general tasks would hinder the tasks originally assigned to them.
SolutionImproving efficiency and quality though shift toward outsourcing of resident staff
PERSOL GROUP helped consolidate the many general tasks from multiple departments and proposed to shift toward outsourcing resident staff.

First, we began operation of tasks of 6 departments (77 employees subject to the support) (Fig. Step 2). The main tasks included conference room reservation, compilation of monthly reports, application for company official seal, organizing home delivery service, getting business cards made, arrangement for telegrams, procurement of goods, equipment management, and various other supporting tasks.
Immediately after the transferring to the new tasking system, there were complaints from permanent employees that they were unable to directly request for assistance form the consigned staff. However, efforts were relentlessly made to make each department understand what the consigned task team could do, how they can be requested to assist and the merits of their presence, and consequently helping them to be able to make requests without any stress.

In the 3rd year after the commencement of the new operation, the standardization and efficiency of tasking were improving, and the number of departments subject to the support expanded. The average number of permanent employees supported by each consigned staff member has increased up to 1.6 times that of the initial stage. Furthermore, the consolidation of tasks was also effective in that it allowed expertise exclusive to each department to now be shared among the departments. Our client company has praised us for making it possible to propose the use of cases handled by other departments and their expertise when any department needs to make requests to or consult with the consigned team.