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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for telemarketing work

Making outsourcing for electronic medical record help desk staff possible by analyzing history of inquiries

Client CompanySoftware Developer/Technical Support Department

IssueLarge number of abandoned calls and high costs pose a serious issue.
We are a vendor of electronic medical record system oriented for medical-related organizations. Inquiries from our customs are generally highly urgent, with most of the calls requiring immediate answers. Many inquiries also tend to be extremely complicated and often it would take us a great deal of time to answer each inquiry. For that reason, each inquiry occupies the help desk line and we have had to give up on a large number of other calls. In addition, as SEs were involved in the development of the system, they are required to answer the inquiries, but allocating them to handle technical support also creates the big issue of high costs.
SolutionAnalyzing the history of inquiries and switching to outsourcing for staff to handle inquiries from the start
We first analyzed the data of about 6000 past inquiries to decide the viable extent of outsourcing. We also designed the FAQ-structuring flow. The technical support service was run from PERSOL GROUP’s PERSOL WORKS DESIGN Miyazaki Support Center. Three months after the service began running, we were able to bring the initial 40% answering rate for primary response to the targeted 80%. The number of complaints from the customers also greatly decreased. However, after that data increased for the built FAQ and the primary solution service expanded, leading to longer responding time per call. For that reason the service flow was changed to include a secondary team whose task was to respond to part of the inquiries. By organizing the allocation of the primary and secondary operators, we were able to make it possible to optimize the reduction of abandoned calls and costs.