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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for design development

Supporting long-term development system by tailoring to the fluctuations of large development volume

Client CompanyAutomobile Manufacturer/Development Department

IssueWe need to respond to the increasing development volume.
In the automobile industry there is a tendency for development volume to increase due to the competition from eco-friendly vehicles. Consequently, our company and our subsidiary engineering company are now considering increasing the number of technical staff. Our products require long development period but as there are fluctuations in the volume demand for the medium term, we would like to create a stable and flexible development system by not only recruiting people ourselves, but also outsourcing the manpower we need externally.
SolutionCreating a system to provide stable, long-term employment of technical staff
We provide our client with a technical development support service. In the case of the subsidiary engineering company that handled a large amount of development prior to our service, we outsourced a development team mainly comprised of beginner-level technical staff. Furthermore, some of the technical staff with a designate number of years of experience within the team devised a scheme that shifts temporary staffing under the client’s development task. By doing this, we were able to build a system that satisfied our client’s request for something ‘stable and flexible,’ and thus greatly contributing to a series of research and development work.