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Example of Staffing

Example of night shift staffing

Employment of night sift staff for 24-hour support service

Client CompanyMedical Equipment Manufacturer/Technical Support Department

IssueWe want to offer a 24-hour support system, but we are unable to allocate anyone for night shifts.
In order to improve our customer satisfaction, we considered having a 24-hour technical support to respond to inquiries or requests from hospitals, which are our major customers. However, this was undoable as we were unable to allocate around-the-clock shifts with only the staff we currently have
SolutionEmployment of staff with experience in customer support servicing and who can work night shifts
PERSOL GROUP introduced staff with experience working at support desks and who were able to work night shifts. Having experience with customer and technical support meant that the introduced staff was able to learn only the required information about the company’s products and smoothly handle required customer support. We were able to help the company reduce burdens on their permanent staff to a minimum and extent the hours of technical support service.