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Example of Staffing

Example of staff outsourcing for medical/health management

Improving consultation efficiency through consignment of medical examination-related tasks

Client CompanySystems Company/Personnel Department

IssueWhen we conduct staff medical examination we are faced with a heavy load of related tasks and we are unable to improve the efficiency of consultation.
When we conduct staff medical examination the people in charge are faced with a heavy load of related tasks that include the negotiation and contracting with a medical organizations, organizing to have necessary items sent to our staff, and creation of legal documents that we have no time to come up with some sort of measure to improve medical consultation efficiency. As we have been given guidance from the Labor Standards Inspection Office in the past about our low consultation efficiency, it is urgent that we come up with a measure to remedy the situation.
SolutionUtilizing our medical examination support service
We provided our client with a medical examination support service which handles every related task that includes contract negotiation with/payment to the medical organizations, creation of various types of documents, sending information to staff subject to the medical consultation, and providing an online reservation service. We also organized medical guidance given by industrial physicians and public health nurses. By outsourcing staff to handle all related tasks, the burden on the people in charge was greatly reduced. Meanwhile, the consultation efficiency was improved due to better convenience such as an increase in the number of hospitals that provided medical consultation and examination to our staff. Furthermore, the establishment of post-examination follow-up by industrial physicians and public health nurses has also changed the way our client’s staff view their health management.