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Example of Staffing

Example of recruitment of staff with disabilities

Supporting recruitment of staff with disabilities to develop new job fields and achieve the employment rate set by law

Client CompanyDistribution Company/Personnel Department

IssueWe don’t have jobs to which we can allocate people with disabilities.
Despite being required to increase our employment of people with disabilities, we don’t have any adequate positions, nor do we have any knowledge about what needs to be done when we employ people with disabilities. Consequently we are unable to recruit and employ anyone.
SolutionDeveloping new job fields oriented for people with disabilities and greatly improving the employment rate stipulated by law
PERSOL GROUP developed job fields to allow our client company to recruit people with disabilities. We scrutinized their business contents to consolidate and develop tasks adequate for allocating people with disabilities. When selecting the required tasks, we paid great importance to the fact that the tasks must be ongoing and necessary for the company. In addition, we also supported our client company design the task flow and administration flow to ensure that staff with disabilities may have stable employment. Through developing such new job fields, we were able to greatly improve the employment rate and achieve the rate designated by law.