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Example of Staffing

Example of sales/sales promotion staff recruitment

Employment of store manager through recruitment introduction for a local city branch

Client CompanyApparel Trading Company/Personnel Department

IssueWe are opening a branch in the Kyushu area and we want to employ a store manager by conducting the selection in Tokyo.
Our head office is in Tokyo but following our branches in Nagoya and Osaka we are also going to open a new store in Fukuoka and we need to employ someone to manage the new store. While the actual recruiting process will be conducted in Tokyo where our personnel department is, we need someone who has experience in this industry, able to work in Fukuoka, and if possible, also know the area well.
SolutionEmployment of an ideal candidate by tapping into the great network of staffing
PERSOL GROUP narrowed down the eligibility to candidates with experience working in this industry who opt to return to work in the industry and requested registered people to introduce people they know. As conditions given by both the client and the person introduced happened to match, we promptly introduced the person to our client and employment was immediately determined without ado. By discovering unseen re-employment needs, we were able to help our client company recruit and employ their ideal candidate not otherwise possible through usual recruitment services.