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Example of Staffing

Example of temporary staffing for business operation

Employment of temporary rounders to help strengthen business by handling clients separately

Client CompanyFood Company/Sales Department

IssueWe want to strengthen our sales to vital customers who have potential sales ability.
As part of our aim to expand our business results, we need to strengthen our sales to major supermarkets and drug stores who are our vital customers. However, we also need to make sales rounds to small- and medium-sized shops, but we are unable to do so with our current system.
SolutionPlacement of 3 temporary staffers to handle sales rounds
PERSOL GROUP introduced 3 staffers experienced in sales to handle sales rounds to small- and medium-sized shops. Not only did they propose ideas for product display and layout of product sections, they also negotiated to accelerate orders and proposed plans to promote sales. This allowed our client company’s permanent staff to concentrate on their dealings with crucial major clients. By covering all customers through such task allocation, our client company has achieved not only increased sales with major customers, but also small- and medium-sized customers.